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Although your local council probably do a good job collecting regular rubbish, there are times when you need more than that. Maybe you have an old item of furniture or an electrical product you need to be removed and safely disposed of. Or perhaps you have been enjoying a bit of DIY on the weekend, and have a large pile of building or garden waste to get rid of. If you have more than your bins can handle, it’s time to give us a call. We will make sure your rubbish is taken away quickly, and disposed of legally, and in an environmentally responsible way.

General rubbish removal

The trustworthy team here at Rubbish Removals Service Manchester are available for all types of rubbish removal. If you’ve been decorating and generated a lot of waste, or  have cleared out the garden or loft, you might not be able to get rid of the waste in the usual way. In that case, we can come to you to pick up excess waste, including large and awkward items like sofas and other furniture items. This saves you a job, means you don’t need to worry about lift large and heavy items, and ensures everything is disposed of safely.

Removal of environmentally controlled products

Some items have environmental controls on them, which mean they can not be disposed of along with regular waste. Take fridges and freezers for example. Older refrigerated items used CFCs and HCFCs which are dangerous gasses and cause environmental problems. These items must be disposed of carefully to keep the environment safe and avoid chemical spills. Although your local council may be able to provide this service, there is a fee, and response times are often quite slow. For a quicker service, give Rubbish Removals Service Manchester a call.

Fly tipping in the UK

Fly tipping is a major issue in the UK, costing local councils millions of pounds to clear dumped waste, every year. It is also illegal, and can result in imprisonment or fines of up to £50,000. This is why professional and reputable rubbish removal services like ours are important. Make sure, if you’re hiring a company to clear your waste, that you choose one with the correct approach to disposing of rubbish in line with the law, and thinking about protecting the environment. You can be assured that our team are reliable and will always dispose of the rubbish we collect responsibly.

Our Rubbish Removals service

Rubbish Removals Service Manchester offers a personal touch with all of our customers. That means that our rubbish and Asbestos removals service is tailored to your needs, and can involve removing a single sofa, a large pile of garden waste, or large electrical items. No matter what there is, we can find a way to responsibly and safely dispose of it, and leave you with one less thing to worry about. To learn more about the trustworthy work we do, get in touch today.

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